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Poetry, jazz, avantgarde.
Five experienced jazz musicians with vocalist and poet Petr Toman under leadership of saxophone player Pavel Zlámal. Original music, original text, authentic accent, fun on stage, extraordinary musicality. Brünnwerk. Made in Brno.

Toman’s vocal performance is a mixture of singing, rap, declamation of different stylizations, his lyrics are playful and absurd, yet with a certain inner, unprecedented seriousness. The band consisting of selected Brno musicians not only reflects and develops this multi-layered vocal nature, but also initiates. This creates an autonomous entity, an organism to which it is difficult to find a parallel or a clear genre classification.


Petr Rybíz Toman – text, vocals
Pavel Zlámal – clarinet, sax
Martin Konvička – piano
Jaroslav Šťastný – keys/hammond organ
Juraj Valenčík – bass
Kristián Kuruc – drums