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Limbo has been one of the leaders in contemporary Czech jazz for more than 15 years. The band is straddling several genres, basically above them. He is moving to jazz, avantgarde and world music. The second CD in the Kalimbo series (Amplion Records 2007) was nominated for the Czech Angel Award for album of the year 2008 in the Jazz and Blues category. Our double bass player Taras Voloshchuk is currently a teammate of Susan Vega when he performs in Central Europe. Limbo leader, saxophonist Pavel Hrubý was nominated for the prestigious Czech Angel 2015 in the Jazz Blues category for his solo album Between The Lines (Amplion Records 2014).
In 2019, the band celebrated 15 years of existence.


Pavel Hrubý – soprano sax, bass clarinet
Petr Kalfus – soprano + tenor sax
Taras Voloshchuk – double bass
Dušan Černák – drums